Types of Jars For Making Container Candles

Container candles are the easiest type of candles to make because all you have to do is set the wick and pour the wax. You can give your creativity a free reign by choosing the right candle-making jar for your project.

Make no mistake – you are not limited to old glass containers at home. If you want nice candles that can even be sold commercially, you have to invest in the right kinds of glass jars to hold the candles.

In this article we’ll explore the most popular types of candle jars so that you can keep this information handy when you go shopping for your next container-candles making project.

Types of jars for container candles

Apothecary jars
Apothecary jars are wide, round jars with nicely rounded rims. These jars come equipped with glass caps. boveda one step calibration kit

Glass bowls
Glass bowls are much wider than apothecary jars. The sides may be round and slanted, or completely straight from rim to bottom.

Candle pots
Candle pots are egg-shaped glass containers that beautifully enhance the presentation of colored wax. Candle pots come in different sizes; the largest candle pots can handle half a liter of candle wax. These pots come with glass covers as well, and can be used to store melted, residual wax for later use.

Glass cylinder jars
Cylinder jars are the most commonly used for container candles because they are thick-walled and high capacity. Some variants have nicely curved rims to enhance the appearance of the flame.

Gourmet glass jars
Gourmet glass jars resemble facial cream containers. These jars have stout, rounded centers… simply perfect for aromatic candles.

Lucida glass jars
Lucida glass jars are similar to cylinder jars, but they have thicker and more rounded walls. They are also generally shorter than cylinder jars.

Roman jars
Roman jars resemble regular flower vases because of the progressively narrowing bodies. Instead of pouring the wax up to the rim of the glass jar, the wax can be poured up to the mid-section of the jar so the light is within the jar.

Square glass jars
Square glass jars can be used to create the perfect combination of shapes in a candle collection. The accented edges of square glass jars will definitely bring out the chosen color for the candle wax.

Votive candle containers
Votive containers are among the smallest, thick-walled glass containers around. They were specially designed for votive candles because their shape enhances the presentation of the candle itself

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