The Top Three Reasons Law Firms Are Not Using Digital Dictation Technology


In my career, it’s far common to invite a variety of questions. Truly, it is necessary. A Virtual Assistant is a person who has to understand as a great deal as viable approximately a specific purchaser’s structures or manner of doing things so one can best configure and employ available era to help them do it higher, quicker, for much less cost — regardless of the purchaser is looking to benefit.

I began my VA career nearly eight years ago and restriction my exercise to digital help to the prison industry. Over the years, I have asked many attorneys, regulation firm administrators, paralegals, HR managers, personal investigators, IT administrators, dealing with companions, office managers, secretaries and others approximately the procedures used at their firms. Some use report management software program, a few do not. Some have web sites, some don’t. Almost with out fail, whilst requested what the attorneys use for dictation, the maximum not unusual response: a tape recorder. Direitonovo

That’s properly, due to the fact dictating is a very green process, even with a tape. According to Dictaphone, in 1952 recorded dictation turned into set up as “a time saver over handwriting and stenography among attorneys, physicians and other experts”. The first mini-cassette recorder become advertised in 1973. Do you trust it? That identical little recorder nonetheless in use at most corporations in the US these days is the technological equal of taking note of track on an 8 song!

In any occasion, if your company makes use of tape based totally dictation, then it’s miles already understood that recording real firm paintings product is a good way to get matters carried out and if your firm does not use dictation, perhaps you must be beginning with virtual so keep analyzing.Why Upgrade To Digital Dictation?

Although no longer as antique as dictation itself, digital dictation has been round for pretty some time. The medical profession has been the usage of digital dictation generation (name in and transportable recorders) for over a decade. Why? Upgrading to a virtual dictation system furnished hospitals, clinics, medical doctor’s places of work and insurance groups with:

o the ability for medical doctors to work remotely with not anything extra than a smartphone or transportable recorder and net connection

o centralization of record workflow for more than one user, a couple of website online operations

o the capacity to reveal paintings in progress and overall productiveness

o the ability to music and record diverse metrics and standards

o the capacity to utilize remote transcriptionists and save on personnel costs

The way I see it, any length company has as a great deal to advantage as a comparably sized medical exercise by way of upgrading to a digital dictation method – so the question stays, with a lot to gain, Why haven’t they!? (Read that listing above once more – together with your company in thoughts.)

Why Aren’t Firms Using Digital Dictation?

The predominant cause, I trust, isn’t any one has placed 2percent2B2 collectively but. Since digital dictation technology isn’t always “new”, not tons attention has been paid to it outdoor the medical enterprise. Just these days, however, British and different European regulation firms had been within the news discussing how upgrading to digital dictation has been simpler and higher than expected.

What About Here within the US?

Listed underneath (in opposite order) are the pinnacle three responses I have received through the years to the query: “Why hasn’t your firm upgraded to digital dictation?”

Number three: “Digital dictation, is not that speech popularity?”

No, speech recognition isn’t always digital dictation. Speech popularity is software. It takes the human voice and converts it to text. Speech popularity software program requires schooling to every particular consumer – hours of schooling for most packages, making the implementation of this technology now not realistic in most firm settings.

Digital dictation is the recording of your voice with software program or device that offers dictation features – forestall, rewind, insert and so forth. With virtual, but, the recording does no longer pass onto a tape, it gets stored as an audio file (i.E., .Wav, .Dss). Unlike speech reputation, virtual dictation calls for a transcriptionist and software program to type the recorded thoughts.

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