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If this is street talk, I would say single cup coffee makers are “awesomesauce”-that being said by a sole coffee drinker. I don’t know what your coffee drinking preferences are but if you are just the solo coffee lover or you have one or two family members who just could not get past the morning without the usual cup of steaming hot java, this is a good coffee machine choice for you. ใบเจียร

Very fast brewing methods
Since it brews only one cup of Joe at a time, it will only take a few minutes (about 3 to 5 minutes) for the whole brewing cycle to finish. If you want speed, then this is the right brewer.

This is why it is considered the perfect choice for one or two coffee drinkers at home. You only need to brew a small batch-no need for a thermal carafe or a hot plate. It brews right into its cup or mug.

You can purchase pre-ground coffee
You can choose from k-cups, pods and t-discs depending on what particular one cup coffee brewer you have purchased. What is great about that is the convenient brewing cycle. You just insert the cup/pod/dics like a bullet in a gun and press the brewing buttons and you are good to go. Say goodbye to pre-measuring and pre-grinding coffee.

Easy disposing of used grounds
If you have purchased the ones that use k-cups, pods and t-discs, you will not have any trouble disposing used coffee grounds. Just remove the cup, pod or disc and throw it away in the trash can. Some k-cups are reusable so you can remove the cup, dump the contents, wash it and use it again. There are also a lot of flavours to choose from so you can find the one that will fit well with your preferences.

They are generally inexpensive but some brands, especially those that popularized K-cups, which is the Keurig brand, are kind of expensive. The cost of this brewer can range from $70-$80. Also, in comparison to the usual packaging of ground coffee the pods, k-cups and t-discs can be a little pricey.


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