Laminate Cabinet Refacing Saves Thousands

When faced with a major kitchen remodel, you may find yourself having to deal with some tough decisions if it becomes necessary to save some money due to tight budget constraints. The problem is that settling for lower grade cabinets, counter tops, appliances or eliminating items such as a tile back splash or that travertine floor you have your heart set on will greatly impact the entire remodeling project. Well, there is one place you can save some money that will not impact the overall value of the project. Laminate cabinet refacing can save thousands over the cost of custom cabinet replacement and still give your kitchen that fresh new look that you are after.

If your existing cabinets are structurally sound, there is really no need to go through the cost and spend the time tearing out, ordering and replacing cabinet boxes that are in great shape. What needs replacing are the cabinet doors, drawer fronts and cabinet hardware. These three components are what make up the style of the cabinets and provide the appearance that makes a kitchen design come together.

Of course, this is assuming that you are satisfied with the overall layout of the kitchen when it comes to the base and wall cabinets that are in place. Even though you are keeping existing cabinets, there are still upgrades you can do that will provide features that are found in modern day kitchens. Some things you can add are dividers in cabinets for cookie sheets, drawers for organization of silverware, pull out drawers in cabinets to allow for the easy retrieval of pots and pans, a lazy Susan in corner cabinets to better utilize that space, and pull out trash cans and recycling bins. There are others, but these upgrades will make you feel like you have brand new cabinets, but again, at much less cost than cabinet replacement.

If you decide to pursue a laminate cabinet refacing project when you remodel your kitchen, you can expect much less down time when it comes to the use of your kitchen. Since the cabinets will not be torn out, the loss of your kitchen will be so minimal that you will barely notice it all. Laminate cabinet refacing will involve removal of all your cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and cabinet hardware. You will select the replacements for these items from a large variety of styles and finishes. At this point, the cabinet boxes will be refaced with a laminate veneer that matches the replacement doors and drawer fronts. The doors and drawer fronts will be reinstalled using the new hinges, cabinet pulls and drawer pulls you chose and your cabinet refacing is now complete. Cabinet Refacing Denver

While this entire process from start to finish can take a few weeks if it is necessary to custom build your doors and drawer fronts, the actual time to disassemble and reinstall your new features can easily be accomplished in one or two days by a competent cabinet refacing company. As with any home improvement project, take the time to do some research, get up to three estimates from quality professionals and I am sure you will find that laminate cabinet refacing will provide you with a quality product that serves the needs of you and your family for many years to come.

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