How a Magnetic Electric Generator Works – In Plain English

Perhaps you have heard of a magnetic electric generator and were a little confused about what they were and how they work. I know how you feel, I felt like that when I first heard about them. The truth is very are very simple to build and use.

The idea of producing free electricity is very appealing to everyone, except the big electric companies of course who would prefer you not to be reading this article right now!

Solar power and wind power have been around for a while now and are both quite limited in the amount of electricity they produce. This is where magnetic electric generators come into their own.

Ok, so how do they actually work? may phat dien perkins

I’m sure you know what a magnet is. You’ve probably got some lying around I your home. As you know when you push two magnets together they repel each other. You can actually feel them pushing against each other.

If you were to align several of these magnets in such a way that they were all repelling each other and set them up to spin a small wheel, you would have a mini turbine or magnetic electric generator.

It would spin continuously thanks to perpetual motion.

What the heck is perpetual motion?

Perpetual means continuous, forever. Once the generator starts to spin, the opposing forces of the magnets will cause it to spin continuously, forever.

I’m sure you can now see that this is the perfect way to produce clean energy for free!

The magnets needed are just simple household magnets that are easy to get anywhere.

The average lifespan of a magnet is four hundred years!

Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world are already using these small compact home magnetic electric generators to halve or even totally eliminate their electricity bills.


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