11 Best Handheld Massagers – (Reviews & Guide 2020)

Using a handheld massager can have multiple benefits. It can relieve the pain in your muscles, and it can help with your lower back problems.


But did you know that using a handheld percussion massager can make your skin look better?


In the following article, we present the top 10 handheld massager reviews of 2020. These models are the best in their price categories, and they provide comfortable and enjoyable massages.


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In the second part of the article, we explain how these units work and the benefits of using their various features. We hope this will help you make an informed decision when looking for the best handheld massager.


  1. Playmaker Wireless Percussion Massager


When it comes to percussion massagers, they don’t get much better than the PlayMakar massager. There’s hardly a part of the body you won’t be able to relieve thanks to the 5 attachments that this product comes with. They are as follows:


Bullethead attachment

Roundhead attachment

Spade head attachment

Flathead attachment

Forkhead attachment

The kit also contains a wall charger and the massager itself.


Because of the ergonomic design of the unit, you will be able to massage even the hard to reach spots on your body massagers. Muscle recovery is where this product excels thanks to its 10 mm stroke length. You get to select between 6 speeds for your maximum comfort.


The weight of the unit is only 2 lb which really categorizes this percussion massager as lightweight. On the downside, the Li-Ion battery will require some care so that its life can be prolonged.




The unit comes with plenty of attachments

This product works quietly (40-50 dB)

The strokes are deep – 10mm

The unit is wireless – you won’t get tangled up in wires



Not the sturdiest unit

The battery’s capacity will diminish over time.


  1. Down Massage Gun for Athletes


This handheld massager will meet all your needs as it can relieve the pain in almost any part of your body. Just use one of the 6 massage heads that this unit comes with and enjoy quality pain relief. The motor of the unit is pretty large – 55mm. The speeds that you have at your disposal are 20.


The maximum strokes that you can get per minute are 3200. Along with the speed settings, you can also adjust the intensity of the massager. This way, the unit will not shake excessively. It is proven that the massager will relieve leg acid. The decibels range isn’t specified by the manufacturer, but we can safely say that it’s acceptable.


Once you charge the battery up, you can use the product for about 4 to 6 hours. There’s also a lifetime warranty included. If you get carried away using the unit, you may experience muscle pain. Additionally, overcharging it may lead to the unit making some strange noises.


Overall, a very good product for the price.




Features a digital screen on the back so that you can set it up easily

Adjustable speeds – the intensity can also be set according to your preferences

The motor is one of the largest in this product class

Lifetime warranty




Shouldn’t be used excessively as it may lead to pain

The battery doesn’t last more than 6 hours


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